Solar Temple

The Sun rises due East on the Equinox and sets due West. During the Summer Solstice the sun rises South of East and sets South of West and to the North of East and West for the Winter Solstice.

The Solar Declination or degree from due East that the sun rises during the Solstice when viewed from the equator is 23.5°, the adjustment can be found based on your location by using the following Trig formula “arcsin(sin(solar declination)/(cos(Degree of Latitude for your location))”. ie. For a person living at 36N Latitude, the formula would be as such “arcsin(sin(23.5)/cos(36)) = 29.5301°”

So if you were to build a simple Temple, you would want the Rising viewing points at Due East for the Equinoxes, 29.5° North of East for the Winter Solstice, and 29.5° South of East for the Summer Solstice from your Altar Focal to the Exterior wall of the Structure. Modify these angles to be Based on West for the Setting Sun.


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