Pull Out – Jason Walton

Belligerent upheaval of arms

Fear infiltrates the steady flowing energy train

Steady moving – soul constrains

Sometimes calm, the story plays

Loves cold edge, my brain does rage

Staying home on a perfect night

Fucked my heart in broad daylight

Squeezed through cold stretched eyes

Drown it out, live from harm to harm

Need to live: I’m forcing strife

Why torture the innocent angel I hark

When you can jump in the pool with sharks

I am an ignorant jr. high school kid anxious for a fight

A lonely man in the whole wide world

Time for space, mend my wounds

Thoughts of death, not myself

My surroundings old, no faith in life, just pure disgust

Moving on, change of scenery a must

Mind and heart, both hungry rust!

Fill this space, I have a hole

Love my soul, it feels disgust

Fill my hole, or let me rust


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