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DraD DeepOak

This is the first entry for my journal, I am still deciding on the format I will be following so for now it will be one of fluidity and hopfully everything will fall into place as I go. I will be adding Information from my Journals as well as new information based on my current research and projects.

I am an extremely busy person with a work, family and spiritual life, but I will try to put my serious opinions, conclusions and findings out here for you to chew on and pick apart as much as possible.

I have studied, experimented with and practiced many different religions and magickal systems, personally I am not much of a Religious Practitioner, per say; nothing really seemed to jump out at me quite like Science, Human Nature and the Natural Order; therefore My largest curiousities have always been related to the Druids (Ancient, Renaissance, and Modern), the Alchemists i.e Aquinas, Psychology, Sociology and Physics.


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